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Author: mbrune85

Mapping Relationships in the Mississippi Freedom Struggle

In this project, I attempted to build on a database I made of organizers, organizations, and campaigns that were part of the Mississippi Freedom Struggle. The information in the original database was found Akinyele Umoja’s in We Will Shoot Back, a history focused on the role of armed resistance and armed self-defense in the Mississippi Freedom Struggle.[1] This text is…

Event Review: What Can You Do with a Digitized Book? DH Methods for Analyzing Printed Materials with Anne Donlon at Pratt Institute

Event Summary: On December 4th, Anne Donlon gave a lecture on current  DH methods for print text analysis at Pratt Institute School of Information.  This lecture gave participants an introduction to ways that large-scale book digitization projects have changed how scholars can access and analyze printed materials. Donlon gave a thorough overview of current digital humanities methods used to analyze…