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Author: kiemma

Social Media Scraping for Qualitative Data Analysis at NYCDH Week 2017

  In her chapter in Digital Humanities in the Library: Challenges and Opportunities for Subject Specialists, Caro Pinto discusses the evolution of the traditional solitary work of humanities scholars to the collaborative nature of the majority of digital humanities projects. Pinto cites consortiums such as the Tri-Co Digital Humanities Initiative and Five Colleges DH as particularly successful examples of cross-institution…

NAGPRA, Cultural Heritage, and Twenty-One Years of Repatriation

Introduction In the paper she presented at the 2009 Proceedings of the Libraries in the Digital Age conference, Digital Cultural Heritage: Concepts, Projects, and Emerging Constructions of Heritage, Marija Dalbello touches on the role of both digital and physical cultural heritage in collective memory formation. She explains that “eliciting and recording public conversation about heritage today raises new questions about…