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Author: Kirsten Gr�_nberg

My cultural and academic background has led me to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles in New York City and Costa Rica. I hold a MEd Framingham State University and a MSLIS Pratt Institute School of Information with an Advanced Certificate in Digital Humanities

NYCDH Week: Pinterest

The Digital Humanitiesʼ resources and projects may be displayed and promoted to the wider community with the use of a wide variety of technological tools. Pinterest becomes a very convenient and accessible option because, on the one hand, it provides a series of “boards” that function as exhibition areas that support the display of projects, books, films, exhibits, conferences, lectures and competitions related to the DH field; and, on the other hand, it encourages the tagging of all these resources with “pins” in order to interconnect them with the wider world.
Ms. Whsyel expressed that Pinterest is an important technology tool for the DH community because it provides an opportunity to showcase exhibitions within a high traffic environment. Noreen Whyselʼs event Pinterest as Exhibition Gallery included a one-hour introductory explanation followed by a one-hour of workshop for all its participants.


The instructional resource of Voyant – Part 1 teaches beginners an important technology skill by clarifying the basic concepts underlying the default interface, and by providing a list of supplemental tools that may be added to the the default interface. A series of text analysis questions and Bloom’s Taxonomy may be applied for a specific learning purpose in Voyant – Part 2 and Voyant – Part 3.