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Author: jhakokon

Social Media Scraping for Qualitative Research February 14, Sarah DeMott, NYU Bobst Library

Social Media Scraping for Qualitative Research workshop was organized as a part of New York City Digital Humanities week in February 2017. The workshop took place in NYU Bobst Library. In the workshop NUY Data Service specialist Sarah DeMott demonstrated how NCapture can be used for collecting data from different social media services, such as Twitter and Facebook, and how…

Event review: Conference: Afterlives: Place, Memory, Story

CUNY Public history collective conference “Afterlives: place, memory, story” covered different presentations addressing restoring and re-purposing historical material and narratives. In general, it was discussed how to find new innovative ways to reach different audiences in the public history. Many of the presented projects utilized digital tools either in the analysis or for presenting the results of the research. The…