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Author: emccabe6

Basics of Statistical Literacy: an Event Review (NYCC DH Week)

As part of the NYC Digital Humanities Week Spring 2016 festival, Dr. Irene Lopatovska lead a session titled, “Understanding Numbers: Basics of Statistical Literacy” at Pratt’s Manhattan campus. After an introduction to four types of numeric data scales, types of statistical analyses were reviewed in terms of their applicability to the numeric scale types. These analyses included measures of central tendency, dispersion, standard deviation, and more. Throughout the overview, examples were given in excel. Dr. Lopatovska also provided a brief overview of inferential statistics, which can be studied further in her class “Data Analysis and Publication”.

Mapping Visualization Tools: Tableau and/or Google My Maps

Click Image above to watch! Enable Closed Captions to view shared links   This mapping skill share tutorial aims to: Introduce beginner/intermediate level users to two mapping visualization tools Compare the visualizations created from Tableau and Google My Maps Explain the tool selection process The Circus Historical Society’s vast collection of circus route data has been on my mind for…