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Author: Alexander Whelan

First-year MSLIS candidate at Pratt Institute. Collections Technician at Pratt Brooklyn.

EVENT REVIEW: “Digital Humanities Meets Art Galleries” at NYU Center for Humanities

The “Digital Humanities Meets Art Galleries” panel at the NYU Center For Humanities brought forth five NYU faculty for four presentations about separate ongoing digital projects that highlight the school’s work in the DH field. The presentations touched on topics spanning algorithmic data visualization of painting canvases, digital collection management, database building, and DH pedagogy among others. This post discusses in detail the contents of each presentation, what each presentation revealed about how NYU has positioned DH within its broader curriculum, and the ongoing conversation about not only what DH projects look like but also what DH essentially is.

Topic Modeling Cryptome’s Archive Over Time

Introduction For 19 years, the nonprofit website Cryptome has collected and published a wide range of materials primarily related to domestic and international governmental affairs which have otherwise faced obstacles to traditional publication. Founded and solely maintained by the architects John Young and Deborah Natsios, Cryptome openly “welcomes documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide, in particular material…

“At The Edge of the Network: Undersea Cables and Deep Infrastructure”, a presentation by Nicole Starosielski for CUNY Graduate Center

At this CUNY Graduate Center event, digital humanist Nicole Starosielski discussed her recent book The Undersea Network and the GIS project that she developed alongside it. The project,, comprises a network of annotated cable landing locations in a manner that allows a user to explore the way signals travel throughout the network of cables that run through and around the Pacific ocean. In addition to demonstrating the project, Starosielski discussed constructing network layers and edges, displaying cultural context in a dynamic mapping context, and the role that ecological identity can play in the development of information networks.