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Google Forms: A Tutorial

Google Forms is a powerful survey tool offered by Google Docs. The tool is free and creates permalinks for the created forms that are easy to use and disseminate. This tutorial covers the creation of a form, how to distribute it and how to to view and understand the results. Google forms can be used in a variety of ways and are a great assistance in the creation of and research for digital projects. An example of applicable use includes gathering demographic information from participants prior to completing studies. The forms can also be used in a survey manner. An example of this in a DH context could include gathering citation information from fellow researchers or ascertaining potential interest in a new study.  Google Forms aggregates all of the responses and shows the results in both an easy to read spreadsheet format and info-graphics such as bar graphs and pie charts. Google Forms is a non invasive and simple to use resource for gathering all different kinds of information.

DHSkillShare GoogleForms from DHSkillshare on Vimeo.

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