Sentiment Analysis of “#gene_editing” tweets

February 2, 2019 - All

The final project of Programming for Culture Heritage is an integrity project with API request, data scraping and cleaning, semantical analyze, save data into csv file, and data visualization by python and tableau. RRecently, A Chinese researcher used CRISPR – Cas9 technology that created the first gene-edited twin babies. CRISPR is easier to use and more precise than previous methods, but it is not a perfect technology. It can lead to unintended consequences, such as affecting other genes (“off-target” effects) or making multiple modifications of the gene we are aiming to modify (“on-target” effects). There is an ongoing discussion as to how widespread “off target” and “on-targets” modifications are, and what the unintended consequences of these effects may be. This technology Is not allowed in US and many other country. My topic is about the movement of #gene_editing on Twitter. I want to analysis US people’s opinions (positive or negative) about this issue by the distribution of region. View results.

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