NYC Park Monuments

February 1, 2019 - All

These scripts are designed to pull information from a publically available csv about New York park monuments and combine that information with data harvested from wikidata into a single file. The goal is to produce a file containing all this information that can be easily analyzed and used to expose interesting correlations between information about the artist and information about the artwork. The csv is first used to compile a list of artist names. Those names are then associated with information about what borough and park the artist’s works are located in, the materials those monuments are made of, and the cost of the monuments themselves. All of this information is taken from the csv. Then, the list of names is resolved with page names on wikidata. Pages that match based on name, aliases, and occupation have the artist’s birthdate, birthplace, death date, and place of death information harvested and associated with the corresponding entry on the list of names. Once all the information is together, it is output in the form of a json file, which can then be run through another script to put the information in a form more suitable for data visualization through programs like Tableau Public..

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