Where are the MTA Art Works?

February 2, 2019 - All

Brief This project is a simple Python web scraping and data mapping practice. It is an assignment of my Python class at Pratt Institute: Programing for Culture Heritage, instructed by Matthew Miller. This project was my first attempt to scrape the web for a raw data and to visualize it. In this project, I scraped the MTA Arts and Design website and get a basic dataset of MTA’s subways station, and picked the categories with basic location information, and combinedthem with a MTA geographic information dataset, and used Leaflet.js to map them out. With this map, you can get a sense of the amount of MTA’s art collection, and where they locate in the New York City. You can click on the pins for the following information: Station Name Art Work Title Artist Name A link to the original MTA webpage Origin This project began with one of my personal interests. My earlist motivation was the buskers who are active in the New York subway stations. Although they lives a hard life, they spread a possitive attitute and inspire me all the time. I wanted to do create a dataset thatsomehow shows their activity, their life, and any other information about them. However, it was a fairly difficult goal, for the reason that buskers, are usually not ‘famous’, and there were hardly no information that describes where a specific busker usually conduct his/her performance.

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