Big Events in the 20 Century Infographics

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Information visualization is one of the most popular information research methods nowadays. It can convey information clearly and effectively, and the results are easy to be interpreted. An infographic is one of the branches of information visualization. It is a visual representation of a large collection of information. It is often used to interpret complex information through easily understood graphics or patterns. In order to understand the modern history of infographic, I used Timeline to make and record the great events of the development of infographic in the 20th century.


  • TimelineJS for data and information visualization.
  • Google Sheets used to collect data and information sources to upload to TimelineJS.
  • YouTube used to link a video which is related to infographic.
  • Google Images used for search image data.


  1. Inspired by the professor introducing the brief of Information Visualization history in the class, I attempted to extend my knowledge in Infographic by searching related information online.
  2. After doing some research from Wikipedia and some media blogs, I picked up 5 great events which were about 20’s Infographic history.
  3. I collected data with appropriate media and gave credits to each source contributors.
  4. Built a TimelineJS to visualize the data and information in order to tell a story about 20’s modern Infographic.

Results and Interpretation


Screenshot for the Timeline


Screenshot for Google Spreadsheet

Reflections and Future Directions

TimelineJS is a useful tool that helps me to understand how to convey complex data and information to visuals. It helps me to learn the history of infographic in a logical way. For example, before creating the timeline, I had no idea what infographic is. Through the timeline system, I could organize and display infographic history events in chronological order which benefit me to learn.

Through doing research on this assignment, I found an interesting thing that The U.K. was a pioneer in the 20 century of Infographic but The U.S. took a lot of time to develop Infographic. This is so surprised to me!

I very appreciate and enjoy to learn from this project. I think this project is meaningful because the results and the process are designed to be open data that can allow everyone to access. Contributing to the world with and for open sources enable me to believe we can build a better world. In my future direction, if allowed, I would like to keep my projects free access for everyone.