MET Painting API Analysis

July 18, 2020 - All

Dataset: My project is the MET archive analysis report. I used the API (RESTful web service in JSON format) that provides access to all of The Met’s Open Access data. It has all of the artworks at the MET so I chose to focus on just one medium of art to help focus on a select group of data first, I chose “Paintings.” From here I looked at a few different variables, to start out with, ‘Artist’, ‘Accession Year’, and ‘Gender.’ I was curious to see what kind of data the MET has recorded about their collection, and specifically their paintings. I was also interested how many paintings the MET had with repeat artists, and how many of those had actual corresponding data entires. It was very interesting to see that while the api data is very sophisticated and easy to look at, especially with the Github guide, there are a lot of missing data entries- including entire works only having an object ID number..

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