Brazilian Political History.

July 5, 2018 - All

By thinking about data in a timeline format, the first insight that stuck with me was history itself. We spent a lot of years studying history and the events that changed our society throughout the years, and by analyzing it from a linear perspective, we can have a better understanding of events and movements that influenced generations. With that in mind, my first thought was to search for historical events that affected me directly and were present in my life, such as Brazilian Politics, and the current political crisis striking my home country.

The primary tool for this visualization was TimelineJS, an open source software that provides easy and fast responses for the representation of data that are better understood linearly. With that tool, I was able to produce clear storytelling of Brazilian politics, using images, text and the timeline itself. The result was clear, empathetic, and instructional, as we can see in the picture below:



The next step for this project would be to analyze the impact of each government in Brazilian society. Understanding graphics and data that shows the overall economic and social progress of the country.



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