Usability Testing of Medieval Londoners Website

June 25, 2019 - All

Medieval Londoners website is dedicated to medieval London and its inhabitants. Website content includes various resources to study the history of medieval London and Londoners such as chronicles, archives, maps, coins, heraldry, wills, religion, finance and taxes, law and more. All the materials are collected from the British History Online website. The main function of the website is to provide a resource for those researching population and the various accouterment of medieval Londoner data. The database includes records of the activities of London residents from 1100 to 1520. Users can search for Londoners by name, gender, burgess status, location (ward, parish, and street if available), occupation, civic office, and guild.

This report focuses on the process of seeking information from the perspective of researchers and students. According to the 12 participants of the study, the current website provides trustworthy and unique content. However, due to unclear navigation and filtering, participants experienced some issues throughout the test. To avoid any confusion, and enhance overall user experience, four recommendations are suggested.

  1. Improve discoverability by consolidating similar content, and reorganizing navigation toolbar
  2. Refine the browsing and search experiences of researchers by eliminating complexities and introducing commonly known standards
  3. Improve user experience by adding standard search and export attributes
  4. Enhance the internal navigation of “About Us” and “Sources” by redesigning the sidebar selection feature

By implementing these modifications, the website would provide an easier pathway for users to reach the desired information.

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Author information

Aimen Awan

I am a graduate student of Information Experience Design at Pratt Institute.

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