Libraries & Journalism: The Information Community

May 11, 2018 - All

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This LibGuide brings together journalism and librarianship under the umbrella of a unified “Information Community.” While there is precedent for collaborative action among these groups, this guide provides insights and resources in a shared space to foster relationships and understanding.



Librarians and journalists have a similar goal: to provide people with reliable, accurate information. Though the preparation and delivery can be different, both fields rely on ethical guidelines developed around access to information, accuracy of information, and privacy. We think that journalists’ (citizen and professional) and librarians’ work can mutually benefit through conscientious collaboration.

In this LibGuide, we examine each field’s various ethical principles and highlight where they best align and where there are differences in their ethical codes that should be considered and discussed when collaborating. We provide links to the various institutions that shape the ethics of each field. Then, we look at collaboration in practice; instances where librarians and journalists have teamed up and tools they have used. Special care is given to tools and resources for citizen journalists; these resources are for citizen journalists to use, librarians to share, and professional journalists to understand.

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